Family Via Ferrata

Climbing under control

Family Via Ferrata

A challenge for adventures families.

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Turiactivo suggests to you the via ferrata activity in order to share new emotions with the family. In this case the via ferrata of the Ronda Tajo, situated in a privileged location overlooking the New Bridge and a waterfall of over 30 meters high. This is a vertical route equipped with various materials such as nails, staples, dams and railing, that allow easy access to otherwise inaccessible areas for hikers or for those unused to rock climbing.

The Via ferratas are suitable for mountain lovers without vertigo and with a desire to try new thrills and mainly for families with an adventurous spirit, eager to live new experiences.
Suitable for children from 8 years.

A certified tour guide, liability and accident insurance, introduction beforehand with a map of the area, liquid and photo report.

Sports shoes or hiking boots, sportswear or comfortable clothing, sunscreen and sandwich.

Price: 55 € per participant including transfers from the Costa del Sol.

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